Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you this body and face scrub that I have been making since my high school years. You know those years when life revolves around clear skin. It’s definitely something fun to make and easy on the wallet. I believe it cost me somewhere from $20-$25 for everything. At the time it may seem a little pricey but you definitely can make a lot to last you several months. So overall you will be saving more money in the long run. And, the only reason why it’s expensive for me is because I used mainly organic items.

First, I want to share with you some facts regarding exfoliation. At birth, our skin cells turnover every seven days. When new cells are born, it rises up to the surface of the skin, and the old cells die off. As our skin ages, the process tends to slow down and the layers build up. Too many layers can result to uneven texture, acne, and dullness of the skin.
A way to prevent these conditions is to exfoliate daily. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the body. One great method for exfoliation is a scrub. They are easy to make and yet helps improve skin tone and reduces acne.

Honey Sugar Face Scrub
All you need is two ingredients to make this yummy scrub:
1 tsp. of organic honey
½ tsp. of organic cane sugar (you can either use raw or brown – both works well)

Blend all these ingredients in a bowl. Apply it on your face, scrub and then rinse thoroughly. Not only is this scrub a great method to exfoliate but the ingredients in the scrub are healthy and beneficial for your face. The honey and sugar helps eliminates fine lines and wrinkles and also leaves the skin smooth and supple.

The ingredients and tools you need for the face scrub.



This is how it looks like after mixing the honey and sugar together. Now you got yourself an awesome face scrub!

Now moving on to the body scrub…

Sugar Body Scrub
All you need is four ingredients to make this scrub:
2 cups of organic cane sugar
1 cup organic extra virgin coconut oil
8 drops essential oil (any scent you prefer)
1 drop of food coloring (there’s no purpose to the color; it just makes it prettier. So if you’re using lavender oil, add a purple color or if you’re using spearmint oil, add a green color)

Place the sugar in a mixing bowl, add the oils but one drop at a time and then add the food coloring. Mix well and spoon them in a plastic jar. Decorate the jars with labels, and tie a pretty spoon or ribbon if given as favors. This is a great gift to give out during the holidays or even a nice favor for a bridal shower. The possibilities are endless fun…


The ingredients you will need to make the body scrub.



The final result! You can tie a ribbon around the jar, add a spoon if given as favors or print out labels and glue on the jar.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know in the comment section below if you made the scrub and if so, please post pictures! I would love to see your feedback and replies.


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