During this time of the year, I love to take the kids out for their yearly photos. Whether it is indoor or outdoor pictures, our household just loves to take tons of pictures for that precious memory keepsake. Now any time we take pictures, I love to dress my daughter up in a cute tutu. I had heard these tutus were very easy to make and I thought I would give it a try. Boy… Were they correct! I love anything crafty that does not require too much work. I guess you can say it is like a fun version of knitting. Not only are the tutus great for pictures but definitely for other occasions. Here is the one I made for my daughter. You can scrunch the tulle together for a really full tutu if you like.  


Here is what you will need:

A spool of tulle – I bought about 20 yards of tulle. You can find tulle at any craft store; I got mine at Joann’s.
Elastic – 1/2” or larger
Needle & Thread
Ribbons (optional)

Here are the steps:

1. Measure waist. Make sure you measure the child and then take off about 2 inches of elastic. The reason for this is because as you put on the tulle and tighten it, it will stretch the elastic out and make it bigger. Trust me; I learned my lesson the first time I made it for my daughter.

2. You then sew the elastic together by hand or machine.

3. Next, find something to hold the elastic while you tie on the tulle. I used a roll of paper towel; just make sure you do not stretch the elastic too much.

4. Now it is time to measure and cut the tulle. Decide how long you want your tutu to be. What I did was measure my daughter from the waist to just above her knees and then I double that number. A good general rule of thumb for a toddler will be about 24 inches, so by the time you fold it in half it will be 12 inches in length. You do not have to be precise because you can do all the trimming at the end.

5. Fold a strip in half with the ends even, so where it forms a loop. Pass the folded end under the waist band then slip the cut ends through the loop and tighten the slip knot around the elastic. Make sure not to pull it too tight.

6. Continue the process until you complete the entire waistband. And there you have a finished tutu!

7. I like to add props to my tutu. So this step will be where I will pick a pretty ribbon and tie a bow onto the tutu.




That is it! You can now wrap your little princess in the tutu you just made for her. I also made my daughter a very cute tutu dress for Halloween. I will definitely post it up with instructions on how to make it when October is closer.


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