Growing up my mother has always made us Artichoke Tea drink. In Vietnamese we call it, Nước mát, which means refreshing water. It was my all-time favorite drink, especially during the summer.  Of course during those years I had no clue I was drinking Artichoke, not until my high school years. Then after researching the beneficial of drinking Artichoke I realized that the drink was even tastier. Recently I went to Trader Joe’s and found some. So I believe the season for Artichoke is sometime in spring through summer.

Why is Artichoke good for the human body? Now let me share some facts and science to this theory. Artichoke is rich in carbohydrates, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Artichoke can be made into an herbal tea, which affords some of the quality of the whole vegetable. The drink acts as a diuretic and improves liver function and it also helps stimulate the immune system, preventing the risk of inflammation and intensify the resistance of the body against illnesses. Drinking artichoke tea regularly is also a good way to beautify the skin.

So though it might not sound appetizing or look appealing, but trust me… It is something you all should definitely try to find out. Enjoy!


Artichoke Iced Tea (Nước Mát)


2-3 whole artichokes
1 gallon of water
sugar (honey, rock sugar, palm sugar)


In large pot bring water to boil. Add artichoke and reduce heat to a gentle simmer and cover for about 1.5-2 hours or until the artichokes are completely soft. Remove the artichokes. While water is still hot, add desired amount of sugar to taste and stir until dissolved. Allow to cool before draining to serving container. Served chilled.



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