Happy Wednesday! I notice the last several outfit post was such a hit, I figured I will do another one. Plus spring is right around the corner so it only makes sense to do one. The floral prints find a romantic interest on spring again. This season you will still find floral prints sprouting everywhere. Do not get rid of your floral prints just yet. When it comes to looking chic this spring, floral prints are the way to go. From high-end designers to celebrities, floral prints are everywhere. Here are my prettiest picks. (Thanks to the hubby for cropping everything and photoshopping it for me to make this collage for you guys)

floral prints

1. I forgot where I found this blouse at, sorry. 2. Asos, Floral Mini Dress – $67.82. 3. H&M, Floral Peplum – $12.99. 4. thecorner.com, Floral Mini Skirt – $618.00 5. Nastygal, Painted Rose Leggings – $32.00. 6. Tilly’s, Floral Denim Cutoff Shorts – $24.99.



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