Spring time is here! I hope you are enjoying the pretty weather. Besides the nice weather, the best part of spring is playing with different essentials to create an awesome spring outfit! Whether to have a picnic at the park, brunch with the family or spending spring break with the bestie; there are plenty of outfits to work with. Here are just a few I put together…

spring outfits

+Skirts are another perfect essential for spring. Any light colored or floral skirt will be great. Wear the skirt with a loose tank tucked in gives it a gorgeous look.

+Pastel or any colored sheer blouse. Pair it with jeans or tuck it in a skirt and you got yourself another lovely outfit.

+I love colored skinny jeans!!! It is actually perfect to wear for any occasion. Pair the colored jeans with a cute blouse and some simple flats will give you a chic look.

+Dresses are great for spring time. I have been obsessed with a lace dress. I feel like it is just the perfect touch for spring and also perfect for brunch with the family!

+Loose tanks always serve as one of the best basics to wear with shorts, jeans, or floral skirts.

+High Waist Shorts are perfect for spring. Comfortable but yet cute!

+Light sweaters are also another great essential for spring time. Although majority of the time the weather is beautiful but there are times when it can get a little chilly. Pairing a light sweater with shorts is just perfect for spring.

+Brown, black or color sandals will go with most of your spring outfits…

+The perfect pair of wedges in either brown or black will look good with a cute dress or any spring outfits I have listed here. You can never go wrong with wedges.

+Simple flats will be comfortable and look well with most outfits such as, dresses or with pastel jeans.


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