Hair is an important component to a woman’s beauty, and therefore I wanted to show you guys a few hairstyles that will look great for spring. Not only does your hairstyle structure your outfit but it also boost self-esteem. Here are some 2013 hair trends!

spring hair 4

Braided Hairstyles: This is one of my favorite hairstyle to create for the warm season. Braids have become very popular in the last years and I believe it is here to stay. There are numerous styles of braids that will help you create a desire image. For a casual hairstyle wear a French braid. This is a perfect look for a picnic at the park. For an effortless chic hairstyle wear messy side braid; this look will be great for a beach party. For a more sophisticated hairstyle wear a braided ponytail.  Do not think that every braid has to be perfect; the idea of the messy braid will help frame your face and gives you that lovely look. 

spring 2

Soft-wave hairstyles: This is a quick and easy way to create an effortlessly look. The style works for both short and long hair. To create the soft-waves while hair is still wet work a generous amount of moose through the hair and scrunch it upside down. Another easy way to create the look is using a thick curling iron and run fingers through the hair for loose curls. 

spring hair 1

Topknot bun hairstyles: You can wear this hairstyle on many types of occasion like a wedding, a casual night out with friends, or a birthday event.  To get the hairstyle, pull your hair up into a high or a low pony, twist the strands around and secure the knot with bobby pins. And for a softer look, you can make it messy with flyaway to frame your face. 

spring hair 3

Scarf-tied hairstyles: This is another hot trend for spring 2013. It gives you that retro look but yet fun and easy to create. This style is perfect for busy moms who are on the go or a day out shopping with the girls. There are different hairstyles you can create. One of my favorite is to tie a scarf up into a turban, or you can fold a scarf up and use it as a headband, and you can also work a scarf into a side braid. To keep the look modern, use a fun floral print scarf or trendy color such as emerald green.


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