Finally, a break to sit down and blog today! Sorry, I have been super busy with the family and our Easter get together. I know I promise everyone that I will post some pictures of my daughter’s room soon. I did some renovation to her room but we are not fully done yet. I am still waiting for her bed to come in. So as soon as everything is done I will do a room tour. But for today, I want to post the ruffled lampshade I did for my daughter’s room. I saw this tutorial on dearlillieblog. Her decor is amazing!
Here is what you need:
hot glue gun
sewing machine or needle and thread
a lampshade
1) Measure your shade. Mine was nine inches high.
ruffled lampshade tutorial
2). Now divide that by three if you want to do a shade with three ruffles. Once you have divided it by three, which for mine was 3″ for the width of each strip of fabric you will cut. Now start cutting three long strips. I recommend starting with three but you may need to cut more.
ruffled lampshade tutorial 2
3) Next, start sewing. I stitched mine by hand. I just simply hand stitch a straight like down the middle and then pull the thread once I got to the end and ‘ruffle’ the fabric.
ruffled lampshade tutorial 3
4). Now it’s time to glue. Start with the middle ruffle because then it will be easier to make sure it looked uniform on the top and bottom. Put several drops of glue around the shade and then pressed the fabric down onto it.
ruffled lampshade tutorial 4
5) Now add the top ruffle and bottom ruffle. Ta da!!! It looks great in my daughter’s room.
ruffled lampshade tutorial 5
On another note, we had such a great Easter with the family. My brother boiled crawfish at the house and we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Here are a few photos I would like to share..
easter 3
easter 2
easter 4

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