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It’s giveaway time. In order to enter in this giveaway you must follow me on instagram @shopsmboutique. The rules are on there and you must follow all the steps. As soon as I reach my goal we will give 1 lucky winner our Le Blue Tulle Floral Dress (as shown below). Check it out if you want to win this beautiful dress for your litter girl/neice/god-daughter/sister/friend/etc! 🙂 Good luck.




Hello all,

I am back again. I have been occupied with my boutique that I actually have not have time to post. Well, I figured that I would post today and what’s a better post then to let you guys know what I have been doing. I have been putting out my heart and time for this children boutique that I created. It is called: smboutique | a chic children’s boutique. Here is a little info about us:

Smboutique offers high fashion and unique products for your little ones which reflects the latest trend in pop culture. We provide high fashion products that will not be found at any retail stores. Every item is chosen carefully to offer high quality and style to compliment your child. Our mission is to provide everyone with the most rewarding online shipping experience ever. Whether it is a place to find the perfect gift or even something special for your little ones. Smboutique will always provide you with the most up to date products and best possible service.

For all the mothers out there, check it out! We do have a promotion going on right now, which includes a 20% off entire purchase until June 21, 2013. You can also add me on instagram: shopsmboutique or – we will be doing a giveaway on one of our item when we reach 1,000 likes on FB. Stay tuned. I promise I will post more DIYs and recipes soon. Please bare with me. 🙂

collage of clothes


I am pleased to announce that smboutique will soon open for business on Smboutique will offer little ladies and little gentlemen clothes and accessories. Please stay tune for more details later. I will soon mainly use this website for shopping at my boutique but do not be discourage, I will still blog daily. There will still be more easy DIYs, recipe, fashion, and etc. I am not going anywhere! I am just extending out this website. I hope you guys are here to stay with me. There will still be more giveaways but now the kids can benefit from it too. So for all the mommies out there, please share with other mommies.



sweetmelange ❤


I know prom is right around the corner and you are probably doing some searching for the perfect dress. I have to say I never got to experience my own prom. It is definitely one thing that I do regret. It was not because I did not have a date; it was just because at the time I feel like it was not that important. And plus, I did not want to spend all that money. If only I can go back in time I will definitely attend my senior prom…

Anyways, enough about me, I know you have been waiting for this. Choosing the perfect dress for a special occasion such as prom can be very problematic. I want to show you some different dress ideas for proms, wedding events, or any formal affairs. It is all about the dress, so I am going to show you several different looks and I want to keep the accessories pretty simple so that it does not distract from the dress.

The first look, I call it the Romance. The beautiful flow of chiffon on this dress presents such an elegant and romantic look. The flowing chiffon adds such an otherworldly sense and yet flatters the curves. The items can be purchased at — Dress: Asos, Earrings: Neiman Marcus, Necklace: Jcrew, Heels: BCBG.

prom 4

The second look is the ‘Vintage’ look. Lace is another popular fabric for prom dresses this year. If you are aiming for that vintage and elegant look, this dress is the one. Pair it with some simple accessories. The items can be purchased at — Dress: BCBG, Earrings: Jcrew, Bracelet: Jcrew, Heels: BCBG.

prom 3

The third look is the ‘Chic’ look. This dress presents such a sweet and beautiful look. Again with the chiffon fabric for an elegant look and the sweetheart neckline for a feminine touch. The items can be purchased at — Dress: Asos, Heels: BCBG, Clutch: Asos, Earrings: BCBG.

prom 2

The last look is the ‘Whimsical’ look. In my opinion, this is by far the best look. I love them all but with the full layers of tulle; it gives it that magical and fairy look. The items can be purchased at — Dress: H&M, Clutch: Dailylook, Earrings: BCBG, Heels: Steve Madden.

prom 1

I hope this helps you choose the perfect dress, whether it is for your school prom or a wedding event. On another note, I want to share some pictures of our weekend. Congratulations to Lien & Will! It was such a beautiful wedding.

photo 6

photo 7

photo 3 photo 5 photo 1

photo 4

photo 2


First off, before I start my post… I want to mention the tragic events in Boston yesterday. There were three people killed and hundreds injured. I can not start my post without giving my sincere condolences to those affected by the Boston Marathon explosion. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. ❤

  clutch 5

I have an awesome do-it-yourself project for you today! I know it is that time of the year where there are so many events to attend: such as weddings, graduations, prom, and engagement parties that I felt like this is the perfect opportunity for me to show you how to create the inspired Alexander McQueen Clutch. I have seen many famous celebrities like Emma Stone, Kim Kardashian and Anne Hathaway spotted with the Alexander McQueen Clutch. And only if you saw the prices on these babies… It retails for a heartbreaking $1,000+. The great thing about this DIY is that it cost me under $20 and you can create it however you like.

clutch 6

What you will need:

Hard eyeglass case

A fancy cabinet knob

A power drill

Hot glue gun

Embellishments (like rhinestones, beads, studs, etc.)


Optional: Rings (I used the cabinet knob but you can also use rings too) 

Easy step-by-step guide:

clutch 3

Pick a design you would like to do. Carefully glue on your studs a few at a time. I applied glue in several sections and then carefully using a tweezers to place the studs on.

clutch 2

Repeat for the back and the sides of the eyeglass case, until fully embellished. This literally took me over 3 hours. Make sure to let the glue dry and then clean any mess with some goo gone.

 clutch 7 clutch 1

Then pick your spot to drill. My husband helped me with this part but if you plan to do it yourself, have a friend help you hold the case while you drill. Please be careful! Insert your hardware into the hole you drilled. Simply screw in the hardware. If you prefer to use rings, place three rings side-by-side and glue them down. It’s that easy! You now have an elegant clutch bag that will be center of attention at any party you attend. It is big enough to fit a lipstick, credit cards, mints, and your phone. Enjoy!

clutch 4


Top knuckle rings have been in trend for quite some time. Every woman knows that accessories complete the outfit. From Rihanna to Vanessa Hudgens, all these celebrities are rocking the knuckle ring. So, today I will like to show you how to make different types of top knuckle rings. I didn’t want to spend much, so I thought why buy one when I can make one. They are so simple to make! I will be making two different types of knuckle rings today: one will be a “Love” ring and the last one will be a chevron knuckle ring.

ring 1

What you need:

Jewelry Wire (gold or silver)

Jewelry Pliers

Wire Cutter

ring 2

Love ring: I cut out about 7 inches of wire. Beginning with the letter “L”, leave about 3 inches on the left side. Then, using your pliers curve the right side of the wire up, bend it down to follow the curve of the “L”. You can use your pliers to adjust the look of “L”, if you needed. Then using the pliers, follow the curves of the “O”. Once you are through with that, create the “V” shape and use the round nose pliers to straighten out any unwanted kinks in the wire. Use the pliers to then create the curve of the “E”. Using the wire cutter, cut the excess after the small loop. Close the loop with the flat nose pliers. Lay the “Love” part of the ring on the front part of your finger, and wrap the excess wire around your finger.

ring 3

Chevron ring: Cut about 3 inches of wire. Fold it in half and use the pliers to press it together to create a point. Carefully open the wire and fold the wire around your finger. Press down in the front and fold the wire together at the back. Cut the wire shorter, if you need to. Now make more to stack together to create the chevron shape, and wear them on!

ring 4


Spring time is here! I hope you are enjoying the pretty weather. Besides the nice weather, the best part of spring is playing with different essentials to create an awesome spring outfit! Whether to have a picnic at the park, brunch with the family or spending spring break with the bestie; there are plenty of outfits to work with. Here are just a few I put together…

spring outfits

+Skirts are another perfect essential for spring. Any light colored or floral skirt will be great. Wear the skirt with a loose tank tucked in gives it a gorgeous look.

+Pastel or any colored sheer blouse. Pair it with jeans or tuck it in a skirt and you got yourself another lovely outfit.

+I love colored skinny jeans!!! It is actually perfect to wear for any occasion. Pair the colored jeans with a cute blouse and some simple flats will give you a chic look.

+Dresses are great for spring time. I have been obsessed with a lace dress. I feel like it is just the perfect touch for spring and also perfect for brunch with the family!

+Loose tanks always serve as one of the best basics to wear with shorts, jeans, or floral skirts.

+High Waist Shorts are perfect for spring. Comfortable but yet cute!

+Light sweaters are also another great essential for spring time. Although majority of the time the weather is beautiful but there are times when it can get a little chilly. Pairing a light sweater with shorts is just perfect for spring.

+Brown, black or color sandals will go with most of your spring outfits…

+The perfect pair of wedges in either brown or black will look good with a cute dress or any spring outfits I have listed here. You can never go wrong with wedges.

+Simple flats will be comfortable and look well with most outfits such as, dresses or with pastel jeans.